DriftRunner – it is a vehicle with a unique construction and modern technological solutions. It gives many possibilities, starting from sports, through energy production, to tricks such as „drifting”. It sets new trends in the field of recreation and sport. There is no age restriction in its use.

Vehicle versions:

The version with an electric motor gives you the option of assisting in difficult terrain or for steep climbs. There is also an option to generate electricity, thanks to which we can use electricity generated by our muscles.

Version without the electric motor has less weight.

The vehicle is folded, so it does not take up space at home, it can be easily taken on holiday, where it will serve as an additional means of transport and make our time pleasant. It has various types of handle and swivel clutch settings depending on the height and weight of the user. In addition, DriftRunner has a multi-stage gearbox with reverse gear.

Using a vehicle, it burns about 35% more energy than a bike. In addition, the elliptical movement does not burden the joints as when running. We have a type of gym combined with the pleasure of running outdoors. The vehicle combines many sports fields, such as running, cycling, Nordic walking, stationary simulator, and strength sports. 

The vehicle has a patent